Bee-line for Sudbury

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SUMMER is here (apparently) and so are the bees who are making a bee-line for Sudbury.

The town has been hit by a swarm of bees which have taken up residence near St Peter’s on Market Hill.

Bill Hiskett, of Bures Road, Sudbury, was shopping in the town last weekend and had to dive for cover when the bees swarmed around him and other shoppers.

He said: “I was walking through the town centre on Saturday morning when I saw a swarm of bees terrorising the locals. I didn’t hang about but I had a camera and got a few pictures of them.”

Sudbury Town Council clerk Sue Brotherwood said: “The bees have been here for a couple of weeks – they seem to like it near the tree behind St Peter’s.

“One lot were taken away by a beekeeper but then they, or another swarm, came back to the same place.

“Apparently on Saturday they wanted to cross the road, but unfortunately most of them were squashed by the cars that did not stop.

“Eventually a local beekeeper came to take them away, but we have noticed that there is still the odd one or two still buzzing around the tree.”