Ban won’t hit displays

SUDBURY’S bid for glory at this year’s Anglia in Bloom competition will not be affected by the region’s hosepipe ban, writes Neil Bracegirdle.

That is the view of the town council and Sudbury in Bloom chairman Nick Irwin, who says that despite the water restrictions, the town is still in with a chance of winning a gold gilt – something committee members have been striving to achieve for the last decade.

Anglian Water sanctioned the first hosepipe ban for 20 years on Thursday, with the company urging householders to reduce the amount of water they use every day. This means the volume of water used to wash cars and water plants has to fall.

However, Sudbury in Bloom committee member Jacqui Howells, who is also deputy clerk at the town council, said the town would prioritise to ensure its floral displays would not suffer.

“We will be cutting down on the number of out-of-town hanging baskets and concentrating on the town centre,” she said.

“We will not be doing as much planting as we have in the past, but areas won’t be left looking a mess and it won’t deter us from entering.”

Mrs Howells said it was likely the number of hanging baskets in the town would be halved – to around 100 – and some roundabouts would have smaller arrangements than in previous years.

She added the town’s ground maintenance contractor, Gary Flowers, had access to a borehole, which contained water not licensed to Anglian Water and this would be used to water plants with a bowser.

“Everybody will be affected, but we will still be going for that elusive gold,” said Mrs Howells.

In last year’s competition, Sudbury won a silver gilt in the town category.

Mr Irwin said he was not worried about the water restrictions dashing the town’s hopes.

“I don’t think it will affect us too much,” he said.

“We have had droughts before and understand what we have to do.”

Since entering the floral contest in 1999, Sudbury has won a prize for its displays every year.