‘Bad’ paintings to go on show

IF YOU have ever looked at a painting and thought you or your children could do better, the Quay Theatre gallery in Sudbury would like to see your artwork.

GalleryQ, based at the Quay Lane theatre is inviting submissions for its ‘Bad Painting’ fun art show running from January 8 to 31.

Organiser Victoria Burton-Davey said: “Have you ever looked at a Jackson Pollock, or a Picasso and said ‘my kids could do better than that’ ?

“Well, now is a chance for all the family to do just that by making your own work of art or a version of a work for a famous artist.

“Why not have a go at a ‘bad painting’ ?”

Work can be on paper, board or canvas with framing optional. Paintings made on paper must be mounted on cardboard so the gallery can hang them.

Each artist can submit up to two pictures, with their name, address and title of the work on the back.

There is a price limit of £100, of which 40 per cent goes to supporting the Quay Theatre.