‘Astonishing’ crime fall

CRIME in Sudbury has taken a significant drop over the summer months.

Pc Gavin Goldfinch told Sudbury Town Council that crime had fallen by around 40 per cent in July, when compared with the same period last year, and by 50 per cent in August.

He told a meeting on Tuesday that the decline was not down to any particular change in policing, but due to a combination of schemes, including Pub Watch and CCTV volunteers.

“There is a significant reduction and, although there is always room for improvement, things are looking quite good,” he said.

“It is very hard to say why there is such a big decline, but we are out working hard and hopefully that is having an impact.”

Pc Goldfinch said a successful drugs operation had also taken place at one of the town’s pubs recently, resulting in three people being dealt with for drugs offences.

Councillors said they were pleased to hear about the decrease in crime and said they believed the Olympic and Paralympic Games could also have had an affect.

“The drop in crime is astonishing and is extremely positive,” said Oliver Forder.