Artist puts skills on display

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A GRAFFITI artist is attempting to dispel the criminal tag which is often associated with his art with some eye-catching designs at Sudbury’s skatepark.

Sim Menzies, 41, pictured, has spent the summer months putting his unique spray-can designs on display at the town’s skate facility in Belle Vue Park.

His efforts could now lead to a partnership with the Sudbury in Bloom committee aimed at encouraging youngsters to express themselves through art while discouraging illegal graffiti.

“Graffiti art is often seen as a criminal activity, but this is not the case,” said Mr Menzies. “It is a real art form usually carried out by very talented people.

“Each piece of work takes me around nine hours to complete and it is very intricate work which I take great pride in.”

With approval from Babergh District Council and Sudbury Town Council, Mr Menzies is now refreshing his work at the skate park every few weeks.

“The public seem to be enjoying my work and I have received some very positive comments,” he said.

“I feel very fortunate to have been given this opportunity and I just hope it leads to more exciting projects.”

Nick Irwin, chairman of the Sudbury in Bloom committee, said he thought the graffiti was “fantastic”.

“I think people should recognise this kind of work as a true art form rather than a criminal activity,” he said.