Apology after letter blunder

A MISTAKE by Babergh District Council left a Sudbury woman fuming after she received someone else’s benefit details.

Sonia Holland, a single parent from Second Avenue, opened a letter containing her benefit entitlement, only to find that, along with her information, there was that of an Ipswich woman.

“The letter had everything in there, from her address, name, the fact she’s on income support and that she’s entitled to full benefits,” she said.

Miss Holland, pictured right, called the council to report the matter, but was less than impressed with the explanation she received.

“The response I got was ‘sorry, stick it back in the post and send it back to us’,” she said.

“This is disgusting, the woman is not going to know what happened. If this had fallen into a fraudster’s hands then you’ve got identity fraud.

“How do I know someone out there hasn’t got my information? We don’t know how many people this has happened to.

“The council has to ensure that this never happens again and I want to know that if it does, they will phone up and make sure that the person knows it has happened.”

For the full story see last week’s Free Press.