Anger over travellers’ rubbish

THE amount of rubbish left behind by travellers who set up home on a former airfield has left nearby residents disgusted.

A fortnight ago, the Free Press reported that around 20 people living in seven caravans had moved on to Chilton Airfield in Great Waldingfield.

Police had spoken to the travellers and were assured they would soon be moving on to the Appleby Horse Fair in Cumbria.

But the travellers have caused outrage by leaving bags of rubbish on the site.

Sean Chamberlin, whose father owns land which extends on to the site, said: “I am greatly annoyed and frustrated by the large amount of household waste and rubbish that has been left behind.

“There appears to be around 30 bin liners full of rubbish dotted all around the area where the travellers had taken up residence. It is an absolute disgrace.”

Mr Chamberlin, who lives in Acton, said he had written to Suffolk County Council and Suffolk Police to complain.

“The amount of rubbish on this airfield does irritate me at the best of times, but the fact that we are letting people get away with doing this, even after they have been approached by the authorities, infuriates me even further,” he added.

“I assume that this will either be cleared up at the local tax payers’ expense or left to blight a beautiful area of countryside.”

A spokeswoman for Suffolk County Council, which owns parts of the land, said the rubbish was a “fly tipping matter” and had been referred to Babergh District Council.