Anger over replacement postbox ‘lies’

Sudbury Town Council has denied being responsible for blocking attempts to replace a missing postbox on one of the town’s estates.

In a letter sent by Royal Mail to residents of Chaucer Road, the company says plans to reinstate a postbox – which was removed without warning – had been scuppered by a “local council”.

Speaking at a town council meeting last Tuesday, Eileen Bird, from Canterbury Road, which is on the Chaucer Estate, said residents had received letters claiming Royal Mail had proposed replacing the postbox on the opposite side of the road or in Melford Road.

“The letter says that this was an option but a local council refused the idea,” said Mrs Bird.

She said many elderly people in the area struggled to get to the nearest postbox in Priory Road since the Chaucer Road postbox had been removed at the request of the owner of the land on which it was sited.

Jack Owen, Sudbury mayor, said neither the town council nor Babergh District Council had vetoed moves for a replacement, and John Sayers said the same applied for Suffolk County Council.

“We are dealing with seven senior advisors at Royal Mail and would not have ruled this replacement out,” said Mr Sayers, a town and county councillor.

“There have been a lot of conflicting statements and Royal Mail is being totally unsympathetic.”

Mr Sayers said a petition signed by nearly 300 people calling for a replacement had been sent to Royal Mail’s head office in Glasgow.

But Mrs Bird said residents were unhappy with how the situation was being dealt with.

“It doesn’t seem right – the general public are being fed a lot of lies,” she said.

Mr Owen said the town council would get answers. “We to need to qualify this and ask which local council this was because we want to defend ourselves,” he said.

Valerie Antoine, a Royal Mail spokeswoman, apologised for any misunderstanding but said there are currently no plans to replace the postbox.