Ah, nothing screams comfort like sub-zero air conditioning

My desire to see a cinema in Sudbury increased ten-fold following a horrendous experience in Colchester.

Not only was the Odeon asking for more than £18 for two regular tickets, we were not given the opportunity to select our seats. I then forked out another £13,000 (give or take) for popcorn and a drink, before settling down in the coldest room on the planet, except for the Free Press’ kitchen.

The air conditioning in the screen had apparently been designed for sub-Saharan Africa, meaning that on a chilly evening, ill-equipped for Arctic temperatures, the film’s score was just about audible above the chattering of my teeth.

This may come across as an over-the-top whinge, but when you factor in that I was being forced to watch the latest fetid Twilight bilge, the awfulness of the situation cannot be disputed.

Sudbury, surely you can offer punters something better than this?

My telephone charger has recently decided that I am not allowed to use my phone, and so is refusing to charge my battery.

My flailing arms sending it flying across the room as I attempted to turn off my alarm may have had something to do with it, but this is no time for finger pointing. I have been cut off from society.

Until this setback, I never realised how much I used my phone. Whether it is checking football scores, searching for directions or occasionally even making a call, it seems that I am constantly glued to my shiny black handset.

Turning off every extra function to eke those precious minutes from the battery life has felt like a journey back to 2001, when a phone was only capable of calling my mum and playing Snake.

But this may be a good thing. By detaching myself from its grip, I may yet rejoin those around me and narrowly avoid a world where gadgets take over and phones push our buttons, rather than the other way around. Or I might buy another charger.

After the usual six-month build-up period of adverts, offers and gentle reminders, Christmas is here at last.

Cue manic high streets, Michael Bublé cover albums on repeat and decidedly less-than-graceful dance moves at office parties (guilty as charged).

While you may hear people moaning about how busy Sudbury gets, how much people have spent and whether the town’s lights are the right colour, I love this time of year.

It is the one time when everyone gets together, enjoys themselves and has a smile on their faces which seems like such a rare occurrence these days that this alone is a cause for celebration.

This is my first Christmas at the Free Press and I have to say I am impressed with the festive spirit in and around the town, as well-wishers from clubs and societies drop off cards and chocolates – which are all very gratefully received/stuffed into faces in the office.

So enjoy your Christmas, whatever you are doing and whoever you are sharing it with. I know I will.