Advisors hit streets of Sudbury

A TEAM of stop smoking advisors will be hitting the streets of Sudbury on Wednesday to offer help and advice to people who want to kick the habit.

National No Smoking day is this week - March 14 - and a health group called Live Well Suffolk is visiting various towns, including Sudbury, to warn against the dangers of smoking which it says kills three people every day in Suffolk. It says nearly one in five adults in Suffolk smoke.

Tim Roberts, Director, Live Well Suffolk, said: “Most of us will know the health implications of smoking – but what may shock people is the fact that if you smoke 10 cigarettes a day, quitting can save you over £90 a month, which adds up to over £1,000 over the course of a year! That’s definitely an incentive to quit!”

Live Well Suffolk offers a variety of free specialist stop-smoking support across the county, available either as one-to-one or group based sessions. Stop smoking workshops are also run for pregnant mums, dads and families.

For more information about the sessions, or for details on how to sign up visit or phone 01473 229292.