‘Accident is just around the corner’

SAFETY fears have been raised about a Sudbury road dubbed “an accident waiting to happen”.

People living in Ingrams Well Road and those using the nearby Belle Vue Park claim it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt making their way up or down the street.

They say that because cars park on either side of the road, people, including young children and mothers with prams, have no choice but to walk down the centre of the road.

“It really is an accident waiting to happen,” said Julie Raynor, who regularly visits Belle Vue and has family in the Sudbury area.

“It is crazy how bad the situation is and I think something horrible could happen there.”

The problems are created by families who park their cars along the road for easy access to activities at Belle Vue and people who leave their cars all day and walk into Sudbury town centre.

Trucks on route to the new Sainsbury’s store in Cornard Road, which is due to open in November, also use the road as a cut through to avoid getting snarled up on the roundabouts and one-way system.

Sue Tyler, who was visiting the park with her young granddaughter, said she was worried about children’s safety on the road.

“You have to really keep an eye out for children as they just step right out into the road,” said Mrs Tyler, from Great Cornard.

“Other times you see them walking down the centre of the road or riding skateboards.

“I think it is too much for cars to be parking on both sides and, if I was a resident here, I could see it being a real issue.”

A Long Melford resident, who visits her father at his home in the road, said cars often blocked driveways and hampered visibility.

“It is very difficult to see when you pull out and the situation seems to be worse when we get good weather during the weekend or school holidays,” she said.

Sudbury mayor Jack Owen said: “We recognise there is a problem and this may be brought up at a future highways and footpaths council meeting,” he said.

A spokesman for Suffolk County Council said the authority had been contacted by the town council regarding the parking issues and would be happy to look at ways of resolving the problem.