A guide to shopping

SHOPPERS with a fear of overspending at Christmas are being given tips on how to avoid falling into debt.

Sudbury and District Citizens’ Advice Bureau (CAB) has put together a guide which it hopes will allow people to enjoy the festive period and look after their money at the same time.

The list comprises simple advice about common pitfalls shoppers can fall into and urges people to make a budget and stick to it, keep receipts and beware of dodgy traders.

Ann Furlonger, manager at Sudbury’s CAB in Belle Vue House, said: “Christmas is a really fun time but it doesn’t come without its challenges.

“Battling through the crowds, trying to remember who to buy for and hours and hours of queuing are just some of the hurdles Christmas shoppers have to jump.

“But it doesn’t stop there, shoppers can be caught out if they don’t know their rights – and mounting costs can mean some people start the new year in debt.”

Mrs Furlonger said shoppers were often easily tripped up by thinking that they had the right to return gifts if the size was wrong or if they have opened the security seal on a DVD or CD.

“We hope our tips will give consumers confidence so when they buy their presents, they know what to do if it is faulty and what questions to ask the sales assistant if they want to buy a gift but are unsure of the size,” said Mrs Furlonger.

For more information about the guide, visit Sudbury CAB or go to its website at www.adviceguide.co.uk.