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A clear sign of electioneering

In my view

I know a lot of drivers don’t regard the bends as dangerous, which is why the camera van always seems to net a reasonable haul of speeders whenever it pays a visit, but the signs didn’t fall over on their own.

The bends are notorious, and the last thing needed was a distraction in the form of an advertising poster being plastered on one of the chevrons within hours of them being repaired.

But there’s an election on, and the need to be noticed obviously prevailed over common sense. I do wonder what kind of thinking – or lack of thinking – prompted a political party to stick a poster on one of them.

So the parish council removed the “Vote XXXX” sign as soon as it was spotted. I’m not going to name the guilty party. They know who they are.

The parish council sent a polite note of protest to the parliamentary candidate. But I guess you won’t be surprised if I tell you we’re still waiting for a reply.

I struggle to understand the current enthusiasm for the reintroduction of the lynx into the UK, with Thetford Forest as a possible location.

OK, so it’s not Jurassic Park, but is reintroducing a wild cat into areas which now sustain a different way of life really a good idea?

Species disappear mainly because they can no longer be supported by a changing environment.

Reviving a rare breed of sheep, as has been done successfully at Kentwell Hall, is one thing, but predators? Wolves and bears next on the list perhaps.

Look at the Forest of Dean and the wild boar population there. Granted, their reintroduction was illegal, but the consequence has been growing numbers spreading into neighbouring areas and wreaking havoc. No fence around the forest.

But while wild boar will eat small animals, their diet is largely plants. The idea behind bringing back the lynx is that it will keep the feral deer population down. But is a venison-only diet going to be enough?

I read in The Times that grey hair is cool. Nice to know that I have been cool for the last 30 years, although I can’t say that I – or anyone else for that matter – was ever aware of it. I always thought it was something to do with having black hair like my mum.

Of course, being cool comes with a caveat. Apparently, people are going grey earlier because of stress.

My grey hairs made their first appearance in 1985 when I became editor of the Free Press. I don’t know if that supports the theory, or whether black hair losing the fight was inevitable anyway.

A furniture shop in Sudbury has a sign advertising bespoke divan’s. Someone else had spotted it and put a cross on the unnecessary apostrophe. Public spirited or just vandalism? So congratulate or condemn? It’s a fine line.

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