£460,000 for town centre

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Calls for a new pedestrian crossing to be built in one of Sudbury’s main thoroughfares are to be put before the town council.

Alan Musgrove, who operates a clinic in Friars Street with his wife Sarah Long, a chiropodist, says traffic has got worse in the road over the last eight years.

He also lives in Friars Street and is planning to speak to other shopkeepers to see if there is enough support for a petition for a pedestrian crossing.

He said: “One has to be ultra careful when crossing this road. We live across the road from our clinic and without question the traffic has increased over the years.

“On many occasions, I have literally held up the traffic to help some of our more elderly customers across because they find it so difficult. The drivers do not mind, but it is not ideal.”

Mr Musgrove said he had the idea for a crossing some time ago but had not yet had the chance to speak to other shops and residents to see if they agreed with him.

“I am planning to do that this month and I would be really interested to find out what people think,” he said. “I think it should be situated just after the junction with Station Road, perhaps where the newsagents is.”

Mr Musgrove said the suggestion of making all of Sudbury’s town centre a 20mph zone would also help to alleviate problems with speeding traffic.

“I know there was talk of introducing this as a trial, and that would be a good idea to slow the traffic down,” he said. “The trouble is that Friars Street is very busy and you can’t easily judge the traffic in order to cross it.”

Town councillor Tony Platt said he would raise the idea of a crossing at the council’s next highways and footpaths meeting on Tuesday.

He said: “I would like to raise this suggestion at the meeting because we are going to be discussing a whole raft of issues around the town centre and I would like to include this as another idea.”

He said plans for introducing a 20mph zone were also going to be discussed and put forward for approval by the county council again.

“We tried to do this a few years ago but it did not get through,” he said. “Lots of towns have this policy of a 20mph speed limit, and I don’t see why this can’t be implemented in Sudbury.”

He said the committee would be putting forward proposals for a range of alternative measures it would like to see implemented instead of the “shared space” plans by Suffolk County Council.

“We have been coming up with other ideas and, if people in Friars Street believe there’s a need for a crossing, I would like to add that to the list,” he added.