20mph speed limit plans

MANY roads in Sudbury could be restricted to a speed limit of 20 miles-an-hour as attempts to make them safer and more cycle friendly are explored.

Sudbury Town Council’s highways and footpaths committee debated the reduction of speed limits on some of the town’s roads last Tuesday, after being contacted by a concerned resident who claimed a number were dangerous for cyclists.

Members agreed that the speed of vehicles travelling through the town was an issue and that enforcing 20mph zones could curb the problem and encourage more people to cycle.

“The committee is looking to put in place a town-wide policy which will focus on clusters of roads,” said Jacqui Howells, deputy town council clerk.

“Members want to push for trials of 20mph zones in Friars Street and around the Woodhall Road area to see if this improves matters and helps cyclists.”

She added that the committee would be contacting councils in Carnarvon, Wales, and Portsmouth, where similar speed limit restrictions have been implemented, to discuss their impact.

The proposals are due to be ratified by Sudbury’s full council during a meeting next week and, if approved, will then be passed on to Suffolk County Council, which will have to agree to the trial.