£20m work to power line

SPRING will signal the start of a six-month project to refurbish an electricity power line.

The £20million project to refurbish an overhead power line between Bramford, near Ipswich, and Twinstead will start in April. It is due to finish in October.

National Grid engineers will be installing new wires on the 1960s line, and replacing fittings on 73 pylons. It says electricity supplies in the area will not be affected by the work.

Some work, including tree cutting, laying tracks across fields and putting up scaffolding and protection nets over roads and footpaths, has already started.

The company says some roads, pathways or bridleways may be closed for short periods, or will have traffic lights in place while work takes place.

The scheme is part of the energy company’s plans for performance improvement work to the electricity network in East Anglia.

It also needs to widen and improve the entrance to the Twinstead Tee pylon in Losh House Lane, Great Henny, and a planning application for this has been submitted to Braintree District Council.

Plans to build a second line of pylons running parallel to the existing network are currently the subject of a public consultation. Pressure groups want the cables buried underground.