£160k for new council chief

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THE next chief executive of Suffolk County Council is expected to receive a salary of £60,000 less than their predecessor.

A council appointments board will met next week to discuss a salary band for the new head of the authority and it is expected to be around £160,000.

Andrea Hill, who previously held the post before her departure earlier this month, took home a reported £218,592 a year. However, Mrs Hill, 47, became a target for criticism because of the figure in the wake of council cuts.

It is thought an interim chief executive will be appointed while councillors seek a new full-time chief.

A spokesman for the council said the new salary was “in-line” with the amount paid to chief executives before Mrs Hill’s arrival in 2008.

A possible bonus scheme could boost the salary but the total figure would still be well below £200,000, he said.