What homeowners want: Rural living, with close neighbours

FORGET the stately home or a city penthouse, new research released today reveals that Britain’s dream home is a three bedroom semi-detached house in a rural village.

And as well as wanting a home attached to their next door neighbours, the British appear keen to have their friends round as the most sought-after feature of this dream home is a large open plan kitchen/diner and living area, perfect for entertaining.

The study, carried out as part of AA Home Emergency Response’s research series entitled “AA State of the Nation’s Homes”, found that 18 per cent of adults aspire to own a semi-detached house with two to three bedrooms, the most popular type of property.

The most desired location is a rural village, which is top of the list for 28 per cent of people.

Half the adult population would like views of mountains or countryside, marginally more than would like to see the sea from their windows.

But while men and women are well matched in their most desired panorama, there could be a battle between the sexes over the interior layout of their dream home with twice as many men as women (37 per cent compared with 18 per cent) would include a games room in their ultimate home and 50 per cent more men than women (26 to 18 per cent) want their own cinema at home.

Tom Stringer, head of AA Home Emergency Response, said: “We are used to drivers dreaming about owning cars most of us are never likely to afford, such as a Ferrari.

“However, when it comes to houses, the research shows that we are much more realistic and that for many of us, our dream home is likely to be within our reach.”