‘Journey of a lifetime pushed me to the limit’

QUITE A JOURNEY: Mark Wright on his Jordan desert trek from the Dead Sea to Petra.
QUITE A JOURNEY: Mark Wright on his Jordan desert trek from the Dead Sea to Petra.

Battered and bruised, but elated, a Sudbury man has just returned from a gruelling desert trek raising money to fight cancer.

Thirty-two-year-old Mark Wright, from Uplands Road, travelled to Jordan for a 40-mile walk from the Dead Sea to Petra in support of Prostate Cancer UK.

Mr Wright, who works as a sales advisor at Winch & Blatch in Market Hill, returned from the eight-day trip last Friday, having raised £1,300.

“There were 40 people doing the trek and it was very physically demanding,” said Mr Wright.

“You think a desert would be flat and sandy, but it was very mountainous and rocky and we had to do lots of scrambling around.”

Sleeping in makeshift camps, the trekkers would walk for miles on end in high temperatures, and conditions took their toll on Mr Wright.

“In all, we trekked for four-and-a-half days,” he said. “On the first day, we were really thrown in at the deep end.

“We had to walk for six hours before we could stop for dinner and I am still covered in cuts and grazes and have possibly broken some toes.”

In the run-up to the adventure, Mr Wright prepared himself with a series of challenges, including competing in the Great North Run for the first time.

He has also lost around five stone in weight over the last two years.

“If I had not done all the training and lost the weight, I do not think there is anyway I could have done it,” he said.

“There was such a sense of achievement when I reached the finish line.”

Mr Wright said completing the trek had given him a new perspective on life.

“The whole way I look at life has changed,” he said. “Seeing how poor the people in Jordan were and thinking about people with cancer really alters the way you think.”

He added that he would like to thank all those who have supported him.

Mr Wright’s mum, Norlean, said she was delighted with his efforts.

“He has had the journey of a lifetime and I am very proud of what he has done,” she said.

To make a donation, go to www.justgiving.com/mark-wright13.