Jet’s sonic boom was like an ‘explosion’

The noise created by a sonic boom when a Typhoon jet broke the sound barrier was like “nothing heard before” according to the president of Sudbury Motorcyle Club.

Roger Chaplin was attending an event with the club in Little Hadham, near Hertfordshire, on Sunday, when he heard what sounded like an explosion.

“There was a huge boom and everyone looked at each other,” said the 67-year-old.

“It was not like a gun shot and was too short for an explosion, but that is what it was most like.”

The noise, which occurred at around 11.30am, was generated by a Ministry of Defence Typhoon jet from RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire, which was launched when communication was lost with a Heathrow-bound plane travelling from America.

“I can’t remember hearing anything like it before and I heard about it on the television that night,” said Mr Chaplin. “It was very unusual.”

The sonic boom, caused when an aircraft reaches 768mph, was heard in three counties.