Hosts exit cup while trophies handed out at finals night

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The Glemsford Club and Clare Bells’ pairs were early casualties going out in the first round of the Clare Summer League’s Singles Cribbage Cup competition at the Clare Bell.

Melford Working Men’s Club A and B teams couples all won their first round games, the two A team players having won their second-round games then faced each other in the first semi-final.

Gary Latchford got the better of Fred Bright in two straight games to reach the final. Second-round winners Peter Robinson (Stoke Lion A) and Chris Turner (Cavendish Bull) met in the Second semi-final, Turner running out the winner to play Latchford in the final.

In the first game Latchford died in the final hole, then Turner took the second game to secure the cup.

Three couples in the Crib Drive, which opened the Glemsford and District Leagues finals presentation night at Glemsford Social Club, were unbeaten, winning all their seven games.

Seventy players took part, Paul Edmondson and Richard Mills (Glemsford Club) had the best average and won £30.

Runners-up Laurie Moores and Gary Latchford (Melford WMC) received £20 while Peter and Carol Pleasance (British Legion) took the £10 third prize.

Doreen Bright presented the trophies to the winners.


League Winners: Glemsford Cock; Aggregate Shield: Melford WMC; 19 Board: Melford Hare; Knock Out Cup: Clare Bell; Individual Cup: R Pearson (Glemsford Cock); Pairs Cup: P Edmondson & R Wells (Glemsford Club); Saville Cup: J Habel (Clare Ex Service Club); Ellis Smith Cup: S Parmenter (Glemsford Club); Richer Cup: J Stiff & A Chittenden (Melford British Legion); Gooch Cup: D & M Buntin (Glemsford Cock); BC Brown Cup: W Green & N Day (Glemsford Angel); Captains Cup: M Williams; (Clare Ex Service Club); Pearson Memorial Trophy: G. Latchford (Melford WMC).