Your comments on Sudbury's mystery buzz

Electronic gadgets, locusts, refrigeration plants ... opinions on what is creating the Sudbury Buzz have been pouring into the Free Press from around the world...

George Bemiss, from Melbourne, Australia thinks the buzz is the background noise to modern life. He said: "You are so packed together over there in your little country and your houses are so full of electronic gadgets. I'm afraid you are just paying the price of 21st century life. Switch everything off for a change and see what happens."

Louise Stebbings from Chesham in Buckinghamshire, said: "I've just read your report about the buzzing noise Sudbury residents are hearing at night and I was amazed – I am hearing the same noise most nights, except I live in Chesham.

"I have absolutely no idea what it can be – my neighbour downstairs can't hear it at all. I haven't reported it to the council (I thought they would think I was mad) but I'll be following your story online to see if you find the resolution."

David Riddlestone, Chaucer Road, Sudbury blames Tesco. He said: "Since Tesco was built, on a still night you have been able to hear the hum of the refrigeration plant on the Chaucer Estate. Bearing in mind the building work now being carried out it is quite possible that the sound is now being pushed in another direction towards Springlands. My guess is that's where it is coming from."

A Long Melford resident, who did not want to be named, said he could hear the "awful" noise in the village. He said: "I notice this noise, especially at night and the description is exactly as described – as if a stereo is on full volume but without the sound. I live facing the old railway and have fields directly in front so it's feasible that I can hear it from somewhere in Sudbury, although I did wonder if it was from Acton Industrial Estate."

Tim Reynolds, from Long Melford, said it was obvious where the buzz was coming from ...

"There is no doubt in my mind that the buzz is coming from the UFO spotted above Melford Church a few weeks ago. I mean there is no way that aliens flying over the area and buzzing sounds in peoples' heads could just be made up."

Killer Krause aka the Bear Hunter from Pennsylvania, USA, believes he has the answer.

"That buzzing noise people are hearing could be an insect that we call a locust. They come out of the ground every 13 years to mate and lay eggs. We are hearing it this year here in the USA and I live in Pennsylvania."

Swebbie, Sudbury: "I live on the Chilton Views estate and I also hear the buzzing and like reported, its so obvious at night. I thought it was coming from the the Middle School which is opposite us – it sounds like an alarm of some sort. It's worst depending of which way the wind blows!"

Attila, Sudbury: "Could this be worse than the continuous barking and yelping of a dog from 6.30 first thing in the morning to past 2.00 in the early hours of the morning, in all weathers, for well over six months, and the authorities seem incapable of being able to do anything about it?"

Eric Hanson, from Minneapolis, USA, said he uncovered the the cause of an identical noise years ago.

Mr Hanson investigated an annoying, constant whine in his neighbourhood, thinking it was an electrical transformer.

He said: "I finally determined it was not electrical but came from an aluminium rooftop turbine. The noise commenced when I saw the turbine begin spinning and ceased when the wind stopped.

"I wonder if a Sudbury building installed something like this recently. It might even be a defective lot installed by a contractor on a number of roofs. Prevailing breezes would make the hum almost constant, but low enough to be imperceptible during busy daylight hours. Let me know if I am correct."

Stephen Smith from Molnlycke, Sweden, said: "A possible source of the humming noise could be large numbers of bees gathering nectar in an avenue of trees (limes), which I myself heard in several places in Sweden this summer."

David Payne from Acton thinks the noise is due to underground electricity cables. He said: "Some of the noise could definitely be from cables underground and the buzz of sub stations. They do cause a humming sound very similar to the sound that has been described. Someone needs to investigate where the cables and substations are to see if that is the cause."