Quest is on to find owner of Bible found in car park

FOUND: Liz Martin with the Bible.
FOUND: Liz Martin with the Bible.

When Liz Martin finished her Christmas shopping at Tesco in Sudbury, she came away with rather more than she bargained for.

On the floor next to her friend’s car, she found a box containing a very old Bible.

Despite bringing it to the attention of the supermarket, and consulting a history society to check its age, she is no nearer to discovering who it belongs to.

Liz, of Newmans Road, Sudbury, decided to take her appeal to Free Press readers in a bid to find the Bible’s rightful owner.

She said: “I found a box on the floor at the front of the car. It could have been taken out of someone’s car boot and forgotten about, I suppose.

“It looks to be very old, and it may be a family heirloom. The pages are browning and it seems as though it could be valuable. Maybe not in monetary terms, but valuable for the owner and I would love to return it.”

The Bible was found on December 22. Liz can be contacted on 07778 954252.