Flats at nightclub given council backing

Sudbury Town Council has given its backing for plans for 15 residential flats in the former Easterns Station Lounge night club.

Lavenham Parish Council chairman Carroll Reeve

Plans for homes on former highways depot in Lavenham accepted

An application to build 18 properties on a former highways depot in Lavenham has been approved.

Suffolk County Council's headquarters at Endeavour House, Ipswich

Suffolk County Council looks at £31m cuts and raising social care precept

A further £31.3million of budget cuts and increasing the adult social care precept will be discussed by Suffolk County Council next week.

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Simon Barrett, Sudbury Steering Group chairman ENGANL00120121128130713

Council vote against steering group chair

On Tuesday night Sudbury Town Council members voted in favour of a motion to replace the chair of Sudbury Steering Group, with some councillors claiming the group had failed.

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Majority support raising tax to support struggling NHS

Majority support raising tax to support struggling NHS

The NHS dominated headlines this week after the Red Cross declared it a “humanitarian crisis” but latest research from YouGov suggests the public are willing to pay a little extra to support the struggling health service.

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Former mayor Robert Spivey during the 'Clean it up' campaign in 2015. ANL-150605-082026009

Former mayor among Sudbury candidates

There are some recognisable names on the ballot card including the former mayor as Sudbury prepares to vote in a new town councillor.

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Sudbury town councillor Nigel Bennett ENGANL00120110615085315

Council to up precept by 3 per cent

Sudbury residents will have to pay around £5 more a year in council tax after Sudbury Town Council decided to increase its precept.

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Neighbourhood plan consultation

A four-week consultation has been launched following an application by Long Melford Parish Council to designate the area to be covered by their Neighbourhood Development Plan.

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Pictured: Lavenham Sign ENGANL00120120810155806

Bid for 18 homes on Lavenham brownfield site is registered

An application to build 18 properties on a former highways depot in Lavenham has been recommended for approval.

James Cartlidge MP at Sudbury train station

UPDATE: Rail fair increases are ‘a smack in the face’ for commuters

The local Labour group has hit out at price increases to rail fairs from Sudbury describing it as a ‘smack in the face’ for commuters.

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Mid Suffolk comes in line with Babergh

Some Mid Suffolk councillors have been left unhapy at a change in the way the council is governed to match that of Babergh, accusing Tory councillors of ‘smelling total power’.

David Holland, Simon Barrett and Ray Smith in front of Girling Street car park ANL-160830-170233009

Sudbury Steering Group to be reviewed following bus station decision

The role of Sudbury Steering Group will be reviewed following the decision to withdraw plans to build a new bus station in Girling Street.

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Pot hole problems set to continue

A Sudbury resident is growing increasingly frustrated with the state of a road surface in the town.

West Suffolk branch of WASPI including Sudbury mayor Sue Ayres are campaigning for compensation after changes to women's pensions. ANL-161221-101636001

Women hit by pension changes want support from their MP

Local women angry at government changes to their state pension age are lobbying local MP, James Cartlidge, to ‘do the right thing’ and support their cause more openly.

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James Cartlidge MP’s Christmas column: Was this year a game changer?

Well, what a year 2016 has been - in South Suffolk, Britain and the world. With Brexit and Trump, will 2016 go down as ‘one of those years’? Will 2016 be noted as an epoch-making- game-changer to rank with 1789 (French Revolution) or 1989 (Berlin Wall)?

James Cartlidge MP with Rosemary Gray, the winner of his Christmas card competition. ANL-161220-130347001

MP chooses his card winner

A Sudbury schoolgirl has won South Suffolk MP James Cartlidge’s Christmas card competition.

Sudbury Bus Station
Picture Mark Westley ANL-160908-180429009

Coach firm chief says station bid was ‘wrong’

The director of a Sudbury-based coach company has spoken out about why he believes the plan to move the town’s bus station to Girling Street car park was wrong.

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Suffolk council criticised for changing governance structure

A change in the way Mid Suffolk District Council is governed was passed last night by 23 votes to 10.

Nelson rd
Jennie Wiltshire with her niece Chantelle who have a problem with mould all over the house. The children both under 5 are constantly ill and they say Babergh council are refusing to do anything about it.
Picture Mark Westley ANL-161213-172730009

Home’s mould issues cause fears over children’s health

A Sudbury mother has told of her concerns that her children could end up in hospital because of the mould situation in her house.

SUDBURY Petition against bus station move
Sudbury Market, Market Hill, Sudbury
Campaigners from Save Our Bus Station in Sudbury getting residents to sign their petition against the moving of the bus station from the Hamilton Road Quarter to Girling Street to allow for redevelopment.
Teresa Bishop left with Frances Eves The Sudbury Bus Users Group
Picture Mark Westley

Plan for Sudbury bus station is withdrawn

Plans to relocate Sudbury’s bus station to Girling Street have been postponed due to the overwhelming level of opposition so far shown.

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