Parking permit plan will not be pursued

NOSE TO TAIL: Tony Platt in Belle Vue Road which is packed with parked cars on a daily basis.
NOSE TO TAIL: Tony Platt in Belle Vue Road which is packed with parked cars on a daily basis.

Ambitions to bring in a parking permit scheme in Sudbury have been scrapped following a lack of support from residents.

Of the 281 households questioned in 16 streets as part of a consultation, only 20 per cent were in favour of residents’ parking.

Sudbury Town Council, Babergh District Council and Suffolk County Council had asked for views on the proposals after complaints were made about the number of commuters, town centre workers and shoppers parking in residential streets, instead of designated car parks.

Just half the consultation packs were returned, with 55 people willing to pay for permits, which would cost around £70 a year, outside their homes.

“We thought that there might have been more support, but we have to go by the response received,” said Tony Platt, a town councillor and member of the Sudbury car parking group.

“I expect the cost of the permit is part of it, plus, even if you buy a permit, it does not buy you a set space in the road.”

Streets involved in the survey included Belle Vue Road, Quay Lane and Egworth Road.

These are expected to remain clogged by drivers avoiding the cost of a £2 long-stay car parking charge as the county council does not feel the feedback justifies the expense of progressing the scheme.

“The detailed responses from individual households were very informative and a number of concerns were raised,” said Graham Newman, the council’s cabinet member for roads, transport and planning.

“But clearly there is not enough public support to justify a scheme like this at this stage.”

He added that the information gathered would be used to assess if minor changes could be made to improve parking in certain streets, particularly in Belle Vue Road, Burroughs Piece Road, Bullocks Lane and Hyde Road.

Mr Platt, a former town mayor, added: “I am pleased the council is prepared to look at other specific areas and other measures could be introduced.”

It is hoped the council will have an update on these plans in the autumn.