‘Mooo-ve over Tweeters, this is our turf’

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WHAT noise do cows make?

Any toddler will happily respond to this seemingly easy question with a loud “moooo”. But if the cows in question are from Sudbury, then the answer is in fact “tweet”. Confused? Do not be.

That is because the bovine residents of the town’s meadows have joined the social networking website Twitter – and they are sharing their thoughts on the weather, the trouble with hooves and, of course, grass, much to the amusement of their followers.

The elusive cows, who were too shy to reveal who was translating their moos into tweets, said: “We decided to get on Twitter because we wanted to let Sudbury know how lovely it is to live on the meadows.

“There’s lots of nature to enjoy, amazing views and the tastiest clover. We hope everyone enjoys are updates.”

You can keep up with the cows by following @sudburycows.

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