Traffic wardens wanted, must have GSOH

BEING a traffic warden has never been a popular job and so it has proved in Sudbury, where the search for new one has lasted for over a year.

Now Sudbury Police are advertising for two part-timers to control the traffic at Ballingdon Bridge during the year-long bridge replacement work.

Officers hope this might lead to someone taking the job long-term.

Since John Loveless retired as a Sudbury traffic warden in November 2000, Sudbury has been patrolled by Linda Turkentine and a series of temporary traffic wardens from Ipswich.

The police have advertised the job twice over the last year, but only received a single application, which ultimately proved unsuccessful.

Sudbury Police Chief Inspector Stuart Hudson said: "For some reason I just don t think people are interested. We tried advertising locally and in the newspaper, but still we ve had no applications.

"Recruiting traffic wardens nationally is not a problem, so I don t know why it is in Sudbury.

"The job is not all about enforcement, it is also about building a rapport with road users. The ability to be able to communicate at all times and to have a good sense of humour is also very important to be a traffic warden."

They are also looking for two part-time traffic wardens to help control the flow of traffic and enforce traffic control in the Ballingdon Bridge area.

They will work an average of 18-and-a-half hours a week on a shift system, between 7.30am and 12pm and 3pm and 6.30pm, mostly Monday to Friday.

Insp Hudson said: "It doesn t happen very often, so we are very pleased that we will be getting some temporary part-time traffic wardens.

"The work on the bridge is potentially very disruptive, so it s necessary for a traffic warden to work during the peak hours for the duration.

"Maybe if one of the traffic wardens enjoyed the job it could lead to a full-time position after the bridge is finished."

* Further details and application forms from: The Human Resources Section, Suffolk Constabulary Southern Area Headquarters, Civic Drive, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 2AW. Insp Hudson can be contacted at Sudbury Police Station on (01284) 774100.


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