Restaurant’s plan to open wine bar sparks concern

Blaze Grill in Station Road, Sudbury  ENGANL00120130407103724

Blaze Grill in Station Road, Sudbury ENGANL00120130407103724

Opponents to a Sudbury restaurant’s bid to stay open for longer claim it will bring the return of troubles at a nearby nightclub.

Blaze Grill in Station Road has applied for longer licensing hours, alongside a drinks-only licence and the ability to play music, as it bids to open an upstairs wine bar.

As well as 14 separate letters of objection, Joanna Hart, a senior environmental protection officer at Babergh District Council, outlined a number of concerns.

In her submission to the licensing sub-committee, Mrs Hart said she was “concerned that the application would give rise to public nuisance”.

She noted that as the premises does not have an outside smoking area, smokers currently have to stand in the street to smoke.

This, she said, would only increase if a wine bar was introduced, causing disturbance for neighbouring properties.

Mrs Hart also highlighted that the application sought to play music in the planned wine bar – a further area of concern.

“The premises appears to have only single glazing throughout the first floor, which would provide limited sound proofing,” she said.

Opponents to the application raised the issue of having to deal with late-night noise from drinkers, and recalled similar issues with Eastern’s Station Lounge.

Councillor John Nunn believes the wine bar will infringe on the privacy of residents.

Mike Davies, of Station Road, said: “This will bring a return of the anti-social behaviour previously experienced in relation to Easterns.

“Blaze may claim to target a different age group but a drunk is a drunk.”

Andrew Cornwell, from Station Road, said: “Even now we cannot leave our bedroom windows open due to the noise levels from smokers.”




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