Great Waldingfield - UFO sighting?

A Free Press reader has contacted us with the following UFO sighting...

Early last Sunday morning at 00.15 , my guest saw from our lounge at the front of our house two lights crossing the farmfield which is in front of our house.

He asked me what they were and I immediately replied "helicopters", of which we have a good number at all hours of the day and night.

However, upon looking myself it was clear that what we saw, was not something ordinary. There were two bright orange lights, I would explain them as the tale of a comet or the flame from a jet engine, which were about 200 yards away and about 100 feet above the ground.They were about 30 feet apart at the same height.They were travelling slowly from south to east.

Four of us went outside to look at these "flames" which continued across the field, travelling against the slight wind, until they seemed to stop and change direction to head off from us toward Little Waldingfield and Lavenham.

I would add that we could hear no noise whatsoever coming from these lights. They were far to low for a weather balloon; too slow, quiet and low for a microlight. We were all perfectly sober and there was no smell of reindeer.

We were so baffled by these sighting that we mentioned it to a policeman who had reason (unconnected) to call on us on the Sunday morning.

I would be grateful to hear from any of your other readers who may have seen these lights, or indeed from anyone who has a sensible suggestion as to what we had seen.

Terry Gostling

Bantocks Road

Great Waldingfield

Anyone got an explanation or seen any myetrious lights? Email us.